LELO Hex Condom

Free Ship! Better Sex starts with the Hex Condom by LELO and features a strong, Graphene-inspired Hex structure for thinness and strength combined.

Its raised inner structure is designed to minimize slippage and maximize sensitivity while its ultra-thin panels flex and mold to the uniqueness of the wearer.

With its structure of 350 interconnected hexagons, Hex allows body warmth to be transmitted between partners for a more sensitive and more intimate sexual sensation.

Perfectly smooth on the outside and textured on the inside; the hexagonal web within flexes and stretches to fit a wide number of shapes securely. The glove that finally fits!

  • Natural Latex
  • Lightly lubricated
  • Ultra thinness: .045 mm
  • 350 pleasure enhancing interconnected Hexagons
  • The prophylactic condom re-engineered
  • Free Ship Today!

Fantastic Vibes is a factory-authorized retailer of this product line. International sales outside of the U.S. and Canada may be restricted, so please contact us if you have any questions before requesting shipments abroad. LELO carries a 1-year factory warranty with a 10-year Quality Guarantee and cannot be sold below its Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).

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