Sir Richards Natural Latex Condoms Multipack

Made from 100% natural Latex, Sir Richard’s condoms contain no spermicides, Parabens or Glycerin and for every pack you purchase, one prophylactic is donated to a developing country.

The Classic Ribbed (Green box) is our traditional design. Trust the classic as it won’t disappoint. The Extra Large (Blue) Sir Richard’s condom is specially designed to suit the needs of the well endowed. Ultra Thin (Orange) is as strong as Sir Richard’s other condoms, but so sheer that it allows for supreme sensitivity and pleasure beyond compare. The Pleasure Dots (Pink Box) condom has hundreds of dots, working towards one, mutually beneficial goal. Excite and stimulate for the ultimate near-natural experience. Our Variety pack (Purple Box) includes four pleasure dots, four Ultra Thin's, and four Classic Ribbed conveniently designed for those who like variety.

  • 100% natural Latex
  • Vegan friendly and PETA certified
  • No spermacides, parabens or Glycerine
  • Package Measures 2.75” x 5.25” x 1.5” weight: 1.9oz
  • Made in the USA
  • 9 available