Tribute Book to Bettie Page by Olivia

Displayed in true Oliva style, this tribute book to Bettie Page is pure eye-candy. Both for Olivia and Bettie Page fans alike, this treasure will be one of the biggest prizes in their collection. Bettie Page was a famous for her pin-up photos as an American model in the 1950s.

Olivia's paintings and drawings of Bettie Page, new or old, are lovingly presented in this hardbound book by Ozone Productions. Iconic pinup queen Bettie Page is painted in Olivia's ever changing styles, and ever evolving techniques. Foreword by High Hefner, interview with Bettie, and comments by Olivia.

  • Ozone Productions
  • Illustrated hardbound, 80 pages
  • Dimensions: 12” x 9” x .5” weight: 1lb 12oz
  • Great coffee table book
  • Fast Ship!
  • 10 available