Fantastic Vibes discreet online adult shopping is an non-family oriented, sexual-wellness website and must not be visited or viewed by children or persons under 18 years of age (some States 21 years). Please adjust your browser content settings for your kids to prevent them from viewing these pictures or products. Additionally, Fantastic Vibes adheres to 18 U.S.C. 2257 or 2257A and we do not show nudity of a real persons' primary or secondary genitalia or female breasts. Any products sold on this website are for adults and are not intended to offend or be obscene towards anyone. Realistic looking items (like dildos or vibrators) are often helpful, prosthetic in nature, or beneficial to any end user who is either straight, gay, sexually disabling, transgender, exercising self expression or freedom of speech, or whether used with one self or with an adult partner regardless of race, color, religion, creed, or sexual orientation. For those reason, we do not discriminate against any adult persons wishing to purchase these products. Other than your order confirmation email or any unforeseen question regarding your order, Fantastic Vibes offers a discreet service as we do not spam, call, or email you after the sale unless you initiate the call.

Shipping & Credit Card Policy

We ship discreetly and we don't spam or resell your email account. Selected items and/or high dollar value orders are occasionally sent with adult signature status. Refused orders and unopened returned packages are subject to a 20% restocking fee. You are provided a tracking number when a package ships and you will know when your item is out for delivery in your area. Fantastic Vibes is not liable for lost or stolen packages; however, we can and will file a missing package report or claim (if permitted) on your behalf. Please see our detailed Shipping Guidelines section for a more complete shipping policy explanation.

Warrantees, Returns and Cancellation

Generally, our vibrating devices from Fun Factory, Lelo, PicoBong, We-Vibe and other sex toy manufacturers can only be returned for DOA (not functioning) reasons; however, the manufacturer’s warranty covers most of these items for 1, 2 or 3 years from the date of purchase, please keep your receipt and fill out your warranty card if supplied. Noteworthy, LELO vibrating products carry a 10-year quality guarantee. Non-vibrating devices like Fun Factory Silicone, Laid and LELO dildos often do not carry any factory warranty as these products have no moving parts. There are no returns for items with no moving parts, but if you see a factory defect, please let us know right away so we can exchange it for you. You will not incur additional shipping charges for defect exchanges. Personal hygiene, shoes, jewelry and general merchandise items can only be returned or exchanged for factory defect reasons. SpareParts Hardware lingerie, briefs and harnesses have very detailed and specific sizing guidelines so please make sure you are ordering the right size for your fit. SpareParts Hardwear carries a one year warranty on all of their harnesses and products. The warranty allows SpareParts to evaluate the defective product. If you are in the US, SpareParts will send you a shipping label. If the product does have a defect, then they will repair it (if possible), if not then they will replace it, with the same product, size and color. SpareParts will then send the repaired or replaced item back to you at no cost. There are no exchanges for SpareParts undergamrmet sizing issues as our website has detailed instructional videos and downloadable files on how to size your SpareParts garment or merchandise. Please select your size carefully and if you follow the direction correctly, there will be a good fit for you. I you have an issue to report, please contact Fantastic Vibes first via phone or email with a good description of the issue - always try to send a picture if you can. Given the nature and use of all these products we want you to only be supplied with new and straight-from-factory condition products; so for that reason, there are no cancellations or exchanges unless otherwise stated and covered above. Cancelled orders that are processing (package built) or unopened packages that are refused delivery, are subject to a 20% restocking fee on the orders' subtotal (less tax if any). Actual shipping charges incurred by us are also the responsibility of the buyer in such event. In any case, please request a return authorization via phone or email to properly process your request. If you have any product defects, please email or call us first to process those requests. We strive to make your purchase experience a pleasant one and we hope that you will enjoy the sexual wellness, novelty items, apothecary, garments, shoes and jewelry products to their fullest extent.

Materials and Safety

Please use the appropriate water-based lubricant when using Silicone Dildos, vibrators or sex toys - any other non-water-based lubricant may harm the silicone. Unless stated otherwise on the packaging, do not ingest or consume any gels, lubes, lubricants, washes, body paints, massages oils, sprays, etc. Please email us if you experience any technical issues with our products and we can help find a solution for you. Regarding electro stimulation (E-Stim) toys: if you have a pacemaker, Mystim manufacturer recommends you consult a physician before using their products. Using this device is similar to an electro stimulation device that treats back pain. It is further recommended that you remove any metallic jewelry before use as contact may warm up the metals.Our mineral stones are all natural unless stated otherwise. Natural stones are tumbled in process and not manufactured. They often have minor imperfections, groves or other perturbations, but these differences seemingly enhance their beauty. Leather cord, findings, necklace chain, or glow cords are either made from natural genuine inner-hide leather, vinyl, precious, or base metal. We rely heavily on our trusted suppliers written or published statements to insure that our materials do not contain any poison, toxins, or other harmful items that may cause any adult or child persons harm, injury or death. It is further stressed that these colorful stones and jewelry items should be safeguarded from small children as they could cause serious injury or death if swallowed or ingested. If you are purchasing jewelry items for non-adults, we do not recommend that children under 12 years old wear this jewelry unless supervised by an adult parent or guardian. Rough play, putting cords in their mouths, using the merchandise for other than normal wear will cause breakage; reduce its durability, and degrade its visual appeal.In our merchandise descriptions we frequently comment on healing properties, historical information, Mohs’ hardness scales, meanings, origins, or other metaphysical facts, but this is done merely for informational purposes. We are not claiming to be medical practitioners or experts offering cures for medical problems, nor are we suggesting alternative medical treatment through the wearing or proximate use (keeping them nearby) of the for-sale mineral or gem stones. If you are ill, please seek treatment with a Federal and/or State approved licensed physician or health care professional. We also dot claim a particular alignment to a particular religion or faith. With your purchase and use, we cannot be held liable for any death or injury resulting from the use, wear, in gestation, swallowing, or proximate use of the sexual wellness items, assembled mineral stones, or jewelry sold by Fantastic Vibes.